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I have taken birth to serve humanity. Life is too short ( not long enough ) to accomplish my aim . Nature is ruthless. It gives you what you give to the nature. Birth, education, marriage and death are different stages of Cosmic Life . We have to act as per wishes of Brahma (creator), Vishnu (protector), and Mahesh / Shiva (destructor / killer) and then take rebirth with the help of Brahma and follow the same cycle of birth to death. One may attain different level of energy in next birth due to unknown scientific factors or by chanting mantras or get salvation or Moksha.

Moksha means free from cycle of taking birth, marrying, creating and dying. I assume that by increasing energy level, bond of Amino Acids are broken and Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen are separated or liberated, as we all are made of DNA & RNA. One constituent of DNA is amino acid. Amino acid is made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen and energy as bond joining these elements. Life exists in Carbon ( Fire or Sun Rays ), Hydrogen ( Water or clouds ), Oxygen ( Air ). Nitrogen may be Earth or may be an element to help woman to create life. It may be part of placenta in women. We know Nitrogen and Protein are co-related. Bioinformatics shall help to confirm my theory that woman is an incubator.

Human beings can be called as Bio Machine. It can not work or live without energy. We name this energy in bio-machine as Atman / soul. Atman / Soul / Energy has no religion, no nationality and no boundaries. These national boundaries are created by human beings, who are greedy, egoist, jealous, power hungry etc. Read

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Friday, 7 November 2008

Change is law of nature

We are living in a new global world. Change is law of nature. Capitalistic system is based on this universal law. Democracy supports capitalistic system. USA and victory of Obama as President of America is an example of this change. Best part of this change is the way it got publicity in all major capitals of many nations. Information Technology helped humanity to understand law of nature. Racial discrimination and national boundaries evaporated from human mind. Many black and white, brown and yellow cried with Americans around the world. Obama rightly said that no human being should have any doubt about the constitution of USA. I can add " No human being should have any doubt about new political and economical system". Change which is going to come shall change human behavior. These elections have proved beyond any doubts that democratic system is the best system to govern human beings.

We must accept new change. We must incorporate management by human values. Experience of governance of U.S.S.R, China, India , British, Europe , Arab Countries or Muslim countries has taught us many good or bad lessons of different political systems. All political systems are for humanity and nothing can be forced on human beings. We must understand that nature of human beings is same around the world. We all want food, clothing, shelter, fresh air and fresh water, medical benefits. We create or produce children for humanity. We are made of amino acids. We have to love each other. We must start new culture with new progress. We must eliminate national boundaries. We must live to help each other. We must develop new work culture of love for humanity. There is no black, white, brown or yellow. There is no American, Indian , Russian , British, French, or German. There is no Hindu, Muslim, Christian , Buddhist or Jat , Mohyal , Rich or Poor. One should learn this from new change in USA. We must propagate this change to change national boundaries for the welfare of humanity. Let us follow new rules as early as possible. Let there be one America ( North, South America along with Canada ). Let all the countries of Europe, Asia , Africa, and pacific nations merge together and loose individual national boundaries. Let us be proud to say that we are human beings.

Let us adopt a system suitable to new change. Information Technology has helped us to accept new system. Victory of Obama is not of USA but it is an victory of humanity to accept this change. America and so-called American nationals are privileged human beings to lead others with this change.

We all cried with each word spoken by Obama after success in elections. We should now change old political system and national boundaries. UNO should play major role for this change.

I have written this long time back. I am happy to see all this during my life. This was my dream during my young age and this is my dream at my old age. May God Bless Humanity. May God bless all human beings.

Parameters to check health of a society

  • I studied Bhagwat Gita and found that health of society can be checked by certain parameters like liberation of women or production of bastards or by certain qualities of human beings like Satwik or Rajasi or Tamsik Guna. So Read translation of Srimad Bhagwat Gita by Jaipal Singh Datta.
  • Life is too short or not long enough to learn. Managing time, money, and resources needs skills of management or clarity of goal of life.
  • Hard work, average intelligence and luck yields success. Everyone cannot be prime minister or Bills Gate. To get extraordinary success one should be blessed by destiny. Hard work is in our hands. Destiny shall decide reward.
  • I am convinced that destiny is governed by planets and stars at the time of birth. Place of birth and date of birth play an important part. So one can not predict future just by knowing date of birth.


  • I am thankful to Brigadier (Retd.) Dr. Kapil Mohan Padama Shree, PhD, V.S.M. He managed 100 Million Dollar industry. He believed in management by human values. He influenced me by his hard working and disciplined life. He is more than a human being. Many exploited him and he used to share all these details with me.I worked under him as his blue eyed chief executive. He donated around 50 Million USD for creating hospital, temples and education trusts. Our business is in all states. So different culture or religion or language could not create division in our organization.
  • This job provided me an opportunity to travel in India and abroad. I met many people of different nationalities. I worked in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh - different states in India. Due to work I traveled in Kashmir, Bhutan, and interiors of Himachal Pradesh. My work could help me to understand social norms and administration. In India we speak different languages. We practice different religions. We still live together. Some politicians create misunderstandings between different casts or religions, but still democracy unites us.
  • This knowledge and experience compelled me to think that capitalists can work with the people of different language or colour or religion. Politicians can not work together. War or genocide is due to individual greed of politicians who can impress one group of people to wage war against another group.
  • I am further convinced that if capitalists desire, we can create one planet without any boundaries of nations or religions. Language in any case is not so important. Although it is very important as tool of communication.
  • So I thought of studying Political Science and Political Economy. I may need some money to write my Doctor work.

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