Astrology is a scientific subject. Variation of one second of time of birth can change Ascendant or Lagna of many charts indicating effects on or behavior of human life. We rectify the time of birth with your past events before predicting future. It is necessary to help you know coming events of your life more accurately. Astrology is a science with a law of probability with statistical zigma surity. I am also trying to learn and make simple rules without any if and but. Please help me to provide these details to help you more accurately and develop this science. I can rectify time of birth and place of birth with plus or minus 5 minutes only. More variation of time takes pretty long time and is very costly for me.

Please inform date-, time- and place of birth and past events to rectify time of birth like education ( Success or failures), accidents, Sickness, marital life, status, personal happiness or parents, male or female. Two question on phone is free of cost. Some times I am free and I take job without any expectations. Writing costs time and so money. Best time to contact me

In case you want to help me then pay me any amount, as per your convenience. To pay me, You can pay to any needy man or Temple or Gurudwara or Budhist temple or Mosque or Church and think that you are paying me. I assure you that I shall get this amount. This is law of Nature.

Thank you.