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We all are bio machines. We are acting as per the directions of planets and stars. We come on this earth to perform certain actions. We get rewards as per decision of directors i.e effect of planets on all human beings.

You may know about me after reading my books published on Amazon Kindle

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1.0 Astrology 1.1 Astrology

2.0 Astrology Examples 2.1 Astrology Examples

3.0 Astrology Made Easy 3.1Astrology Made Easy

4.0 Astrology Lessons 4.1Astrology Lessons

5.0 Garuda Puran 5.1Garuda Puran

6.0 My Experiments with Truth 6.1My Experiments with Truth

7.0 Management by Human Values 7.1Management by Human Values

8.0 Respect me: I am Sex Worker 8.1Respect me: I am Sex Worker

9.0 Srimad Bhagwat Geeta 9.1 Srimad Bhagwat Geeta

I have removed my many web sites and face book accounts as these are not required. Earlier I was new to these technologies. Now I am trying to edit and reduce my number of web sites. Still I write on my following

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1. Jaipal Singh Datta

2. Jaipal Datta

3. Mohyal World

4. Mohyal Sabha

My Philosophy of Life

Bhagwat Geeta

We go to marriage or to death at determined time and place. So I believe in Astrology.

Astrology Lessons

My Gratitude

I am grateful to Late Dr. Kapil Mohan Padam Shree. He was industrialist, philanthropist, humanist, and PhD in Social Sciences. He retired as Brigadier from territorial army and received Vishsit Sewa Madel (V.S.M.). He spent many million USD to inform next generation by building Goddess temple near Solan in Himachal Pradesh India. Human values were more important for him than to earn money in business.

My Dream

I always believe in "Vasudhaiv Katumbkam", "the World is my family " and "One Welfare World".

My Pages on FaceBook

you can be my friend on my facebook or you can like my page and know about the philosophy of life.

Book of Mahatma Gandhi influenced me during my childhood. So I liked it and I wanted to add to my life. So read stories about me. Some are mine and some are true but are of my friends.

Jaipal Singh Datta Page

Srimad Bhagwat Geeta Page

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I am having "Sada Sanchar Yoga". This means I am always travelling. You can contact me only by E mail. Once you contact me I shall inform you about my other details or locations.

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