Life is too short. There are a few who are blessed to succeed. They are the leaders of society. It may be Rama, Krishna, Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi or Obama or Lincoln or Hitler or Tata, Ford, Bill Gates, Ambani, or Amitabh Bacchan.

Achievement is always coupled with hard work, sincerity, devotion, discipline, and luck.

Divide the Life ( Life as Wikipedia ) into four parts. Say period of life is 100 years or 120 years as of today. For calculation, say 100 years. Pictures of life by Google. Life photos by Life and Time Magazine. Welcome to Life by European Commission. I am also enclosing quotes about life.

"Matter is characterized by the ability to metabolize nutrients (process materials for energy and tissue building), grow, reproduce, and respond and adapt to environmental stimuli. Fossil evidence suggests that Earth's first living organisms, bacteria, and cyanobacteria, arose about 3.5 billion years ago. All known life forms possess either DNA or RNA. Viruses, which possess DNA and RNA, cannot reproduce without a host cell and do not metabolize nutrients, and it is uncertain whether they should be classified as living or nonliving. Scientists disagree on the likelihood of extraterrestrial life. Read more on life

I am not trying to write about the above concepts. I am trying to understand " how to live during different stages of life? What is important in life? What should one take care? What should one not care for?" " Ueber leg in deinem leben was sich lohnt, was du tuest, was du lieber sein laesst". We should teach these fundamentals to all human beings to harness their energy in the right direction.

In India, many parents or teachers in village schools teach about life written in Srimad Bhagwat Geeta. I can not write to read books like Quoran or Bible, as these books belong to another religion. Bhagwat Geeta is not a religious book. It only explains the scientific and technical development of life many billion years before. It informs about methods to get peace in life by psychology treatment. It tells about food intake v/s changes of human behavior.

Wikipedia informs about Manusmriti by Manu

Is Verna of a person hereditary or acquired?

Knowledge is vital than birth in a clan.

I may agree with Manu on many verses and may not agree on many poems.

My thinking is straightforward, which I may elaborate on in due course of time.

1 Lifology 1 0 to 25 Years Physical and mental development

2 Lifology 2 25 years to 50 years Service to humanity by working, creating matter & Life

3 Lifology 3 50 years to 75 Years Service to humanity by teaching

4 Lifology 4 75 years to 100 years. Learning power of Mantra, yantra, tantra for next life.

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1.0 Power of Mantra and or Repetition

Matter can be produced from energy, and energy can be made from Matter by Brainpower. He has seen all this. His guru Rama Swamy from Raja Palam of Tamil Nadu proved this. He could ignite fire by chanting Mantra or by brainpower. As on today scientist has established that you can move objects by brainpower. Research to prove the above fact is continuing in India by sages who are not known."In India, some Sages have acquired Power ( Siddhi )by chanting Mantra or Shlokas.

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To know about life, one must read Bhagwat Geeta or Manu teachings in the Sanscrit language.

Teachings of Geeta

Life After Death in Garuda Puran

I wrote the following books. I edited and published.

I shall improve as time permits. I posted in a hurry, as I feel that my time is limited.

Please read my books

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1.0 Srimad Bhagwat Geeta

2.0 Garuda Puran

3.0 My experiments with truth

Jaipal Singh Datta with Jim Beam in the USA

4.0 Astrology

This book contains the importance of Thithi Moon Day, Division charts. It is suitable for readers who have learned Astrology after reading Astrology made easy and Astrology lessons.

5.0 Astrology made easy

This book consists of simple astrology lessons for beginners.

6.0 Astrology Examples

In this book, I have tried to predict the future with arguments to develop this subject as science.

7.0 Astrology lessons

These are simple lessons and consist of again summary of teachings written in earlier books.

8.0 Management by human values

Officers distributed food to employees and eaten food after all employees have taken lunch. In one hour, 2200 workers and staff took food. After taking the food, the area was again neat and clean.

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